A DC experience everyone should try at least once

April 14, 2015

Waking up early isn’t my favorite thing to do in the world. But I try to do it at least once every time I visit somewhere away from home. Why? Because I’ve found running in the morning at sunrise gives you a peek into a different location in a way you can’t see at any […]

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A West Wing adventure at the White House

April 13, 2015

Our trip to DC had so many cool moments but one of the most memorable was a chance to spend time in the West Wing of the White House. My good friend Sara not only travels to our home in Missouri to help me clean the house, she also introduced us to one of the […]

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What it’s really like going gray

April 10, 2015

Last month, I had a really fancy opportunity to help shoot a video about letting your hair go gray. I’ve battled it for years and I reached that point where the hair in front of my face was just too platinum to fight anymore. But I wasn’t sure what to do. Luckily I work for […]

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Throwback to Disney’s Wild Africa Trek

April 9, 2015

In advance of my first opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (#DisneySMMC) next month at Walt Disney World, each Thursday I’m looking back to a Walt Disney World adventure experience I haven’t shared yet on Born Just Right. Last week, I shared how we celebrated Jordan’s 9th birthday at Magic Kingdom Park. This week, I […]

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Jordan (and her family) goes to DC

April 8, 2015

If your mom works in Washington, DC, you’d think you would have a chance to visit all the time. But if you live in the middle of the country, it might take two and a half years! But when you have two and a half years to plan out five days, you know it’s going […]

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Book Review: Learning about Emmanuel’s Dream

April 3, 2015

A special part of the Born Just Right community is having the chance to learn about great people, events and even books. A publicist reached out to give us a chance to read Emmanuel’s Dream, The True Story of Emanuel Ofusu Yeboah. The book is illustrated beautifully and tells the story of Emmanuel who was born […]

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Partnering with Type-A Conference

April 2, 2015

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive compensation. All of my opinions about Type-A Conferences are mine. I’m all about announcements this week! Born Just Right is excited to be an official blog partner with the Type-A Conferences (that’s an affiliate link). Why, you […]

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Throwback to an epic Disney birthday

April 2, 2015

Jordan’s ninth birthday and our epic trip to Walt Disney World was at the end of December but I figured now was a great time to share her experience and start a weekly Disney Throwback Thursday series. I’m counting down to an amazing opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney […]

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Celebrate differences during Limb Loss Awareness Month

April 1, 2015

It doesn’t come with a lot of shirts or ribbons but today, the Amputee Coalition launches its fifth year of Limb Loss Awareness Month. This year, the organization is looking to help prevent older adults from amputations by checking for possible circulatory problems in feet. It’s not the focus many families have when it comes to limb loss […]

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Being true to myself… As a grown up

March 11, 2015

I have spent years helping encourage Jordan to be herself. Be proud. Don’t hide. As I’ve focused on those lessons, I’ve spent a consistent amount of time hiding something about me: My hair color. I started going gray when I was 18. That was a while ago and through the years, my hair has gotten […]

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A Disney On Ice-Inspired Elsa

March 6, 2015

Not to outdo our big #DisneySide party last weekend, Jordan and I also traversed through messy post-snow highways to see one of the final St. Louis showings of Frozen Disney on Ice. As I’ve mentioned before, Jordan has realized a connection with Elsa. In the movie, the snow queen’s frozen powers lead her to hide from the […]

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Sharing our #DisneySide with a pile of kids

March 5, 2015

It’s my second year sharing a really fun party focused on all things Disney. We received free products in order to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration from Disney Parks and Mom Select. The opinions expressed here are my own. If anything, our love of Disney became incredibly clear last year. We had a chance to visit Walt Disney World […]

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Looking up to Zach Hodskins

February 25, 2015

Basketball is a big part of our life during this time of the year. Jordan loves the challenge. She loves being on defense. She is starting to understand the intricacies of the game. She’s grown a lot as a player. I also knew there are mentors in the basketball world. I met Kevin Laue in late […]

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That overwhelming moment

February 20, 2015

We are a busy family. If you add in our activities and travel and my work travel, a few things have been ignored lately: I am not exercising enough and the house is a total mess. No, not like the Hoaders show. But there are piles everywhere. The house feels like it’s kind of closing in […]

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Prosthetics do not change everything

February 19, 2015

The awesome expansion of the eNABLE program has made it possible for more and more children to have access to the experience of wearing a prosthetic hand. The media loves it. As someone who used to work in the tv news world, I love the story: A cute child has a chance to flex a […]

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