Jordan has a towel challengeAfter Jordan’s awesome opportunity to present at a Maker Health event with the Health and Human Services Department’s Idea Lab, MedStar Health and the National Institutes of Health, we had a chance to meet some fabulous people in the maker world. They’re making sure Jordan’s work isn’t done! Her ideas have more opportunity to expand with the help of others.

This weekend,  TOM (Tikkun Olam Makers) is teamed up with Nova Labs to hold the TOM:DC Makeathon for Assistive Technology. Jordan was invited to participate as a “Need Maker” in the event even though we don’t live in the area. (The event is happening in Reston, Virginia.) Instead, she’s drawing out her vision and created this video to explain a challenge.

This has been an on-going problem for Jordan. Those two-handed dispensers are a big pain when her hand and little arm are wet. I don’t want her to skip hand/arm-washing just because the public bathroom she visits has the wrong kind of towels.

I’m excited to see what the makers can do to build off of Jordan’s vision! I promise to report back as soon as possible.


This sponsored post is brought to you by the Muscular Dystrophy Association. All opinions and experiences are my own!

MDA Camp Food SmilesI know the life-long impact a summer camp can bring to a child’s life. Ever since Jordan started attending Camp No Limits when she was three, I’ve watched her develop into a confident and VERY strong person.

My commitment to her camp experience is a big reason I had a chance to visit another special summer camp last week.

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) partnered with me and a handful of other bloggers to visit an MDA Summer Camp. 4,000 kids with muscular dystrophy or a related life-threatening disease that takes away physical strength and mobility have an opportunity to attend one of about 75 camps held across the country at no charge to their families. It’s pretty incredible to see the combination of heart and financial support to make it happen.

Campers canoe at MDA campI got to hang out with the campers in the Quail cabin. It included five girls who are seven or eight-years-old. Three were first-time campers. One camper told me this is her third year. Unlike a lot of summer camps, each camper is given her own camp counselor. That guarantees each camper’s health needs are closely watched and supported while making sure every child gets a barrier-free environment for fun.

I visited on a day where many of the campers and counselors were decked out in togas. The cafeteria was full of smiles and giggles and all kinds of camp traditions. There are chants and songs and dances all over the room. This isn’t a camp where the kids are focused on a diagnosis. They are focused on fun and living everything to the fullest. That includes life skills and learning many things the kids may not have realized was possible.

MDA cafeteria fun

My campers had a morning full of fun on the water. We had the chance to fish and canoe and play in the sand. That was followed by swim time. Pools offer an escape for a lot of kids with muscular dystrophy. The water allows their bodies to feel free from some of the physical limitations that come as their muscles weaken. The camp I visited had a fantastic ramp that made it possible for each kid to enter the pool without struggling. Counselors helped guide their camper into the water. It was a little swimming parade. Every kid was smiling, splashing and at some point, water guns came out and any of us sitting on the side became a target. Classic camp stuff.
MDA water fight

MDA spends all year raising money to make sure kids can attend camp. It takes $2,000 per child for all of the details to come together. The organization also spends a lot of time raising money for research and care that will help kids and adults with muscular dystrophy live longer, stronger lives.

Your LiveUnlimited MDA Camp

This image of an MDA camper helped donate $5 to help with the MDA’s #LiveUnlimited campaign.

I know camps like MDA Summer Camp create a special bond between the kids who attend. The kids know they aren’t alone. There’s a confidence that stays with them through the year. That confidence stays with them as they grow up. I can’t wait to share a story of a young woman I met at camp. She’s proof of the camp’s importance. You’ll get to read about her tomorrow.

If you’re interested in supporting the Muscular Dystrophy Association, there’s a really easy way. Through July 31st, you can raise $5 just by uploading a photo to #LiveUnlimited website.

It’s a simple first step to making an impact in the lives of kids who deserve it!

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