Jordan met Lizzie during her first Camp No Limits. (2009) Lizzie is a permanent VIP in our books and a wonderful mentor.

Every year since Jordan was three and a half, we’ve traveled to the eastern side of Missouri to take part in Camp No Limits Missouri. We’ve grown with the camp that started with four families and now has more families than I ever imagined. Kids of all ages and experiences attend the special camp.

And we’re going to miss it this year.

Jordan was given the opportunity to work on her softball skills by spending a week with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball team. This is the third year for the program’s summer kids camp that invites 20 children (ages 8-12) to spend time with the team and improve their skills and learn from each other. At least one of Jordan’s Camp No Limits Missouri friends will be there, so she won’t be lonely. She’s also very good at making new friends. It’s so exciting and sad at the same time. The camp we look forward to each and every year will not be possible in 2015.


We’ve known our friend Josh Kennison for years and can thank Camp No Limits for introducing us.

Instead, the first full week of June will have Jordan and I in Mission Viejo, California learning from some of the best amputee softball players around. How amazing is that?

Because we’re missing our favorite camp, and because we work so hard to fundraise for it, Jordan and I plan to attend Camp No Limits Maryland in September. It’s a whole new group of families – even though we will have already met some through Born Just Right and other limb different groups and events. I’m really excited to expand our Camp No Limits experience into a new place. At the same time, we’re crushed to miss some of the people who have become a special part of every summer.

By they way, if Camp No Limits inspires you, the organization’s board of directors are working to raise $20,000. If it reaches that goal, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium will MATCH those donations. $40,000 can go a long way for camp. You can donate by going to this FirstGiving web page.


In advance of my first opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (#DisneySMMC) next month at Walt Disney World, each Thursday I’m sharing details about Walt Disney World adventure experience I haven’t shared yet on Born Just Right. So far, I’ve shared Jordan’s 9th birthday at Magic Kingdom Park and our Wild Africa Trek experience.

disney-one-hand-born-just-rightAfter spending so much time at Walt Disney World in the last year, we’ve come to know the rides and games through and through. Both kids know exactly what they want to do and how they’re going to do it. We’ve attended the parks so often in the last few years, I rarely even think about Jordan’s limb difference because she’s able to do everything you can imagine.

Not long after our family trip, I had a Born Just Right mom ask me if Jordan is able to play the games or if she needed to use her helper arm. I hadn’t thought about using helper arms. And I hadn’t really thought about ways Jordan manages her way around the parks with one hand. But I thought about it and I have a few tips for anyone visiting Walt Disney World with one hand.

1. Cast Members can pitch in if needed.
Jordan and Cameron had a really special moment last year when an Animal Kingdom Cast Member got down on a knee to help Jordan complete a two-handed Wilderness Explorer pledge. The moment made me tear up a little because the cast member reacted in such a natural way to help Jordan.

2. There are ways to work around rides that seem to require “two hands.”
Toy Story Mania is a 3D game where you participate in games similar to what you’d play at the county fair. Jordan usually sticks her little arm into the “wheel” to steer the “gun” and uses her hand to pull the string. Her scores get better every time she plays and she actually beat me once this year. (We can blame my capal tunnel… but I think she’s just getting really good at the game.) Jordan has a similar system when she plays on the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger ride.

3. If you have any questions about rides and which ones are accessible, be sure to visit Guest Relations.
There is a Guest Relations building in each one of the Walt Disney World parks. I visited the first time Jordan was old enough to ride the rides to make sure she wouldn’t get kicked off of anything. I’ve heard of horror stories at other parks. (Especially Six Flags parks) We haven’t faced any discrimination on rides at Disney World. No Cast Member has ever blinked as she’s gotten onto a ride.

4. You do not need a Disability Access Service Card (DAS) for an upper limb difference.
The DAS card helps those with cognitive or physical challenges set up return times to ride rides so they don’t have to wait in a long line. The DAS card is a little more than a year old and continues to go through some changes. By the end of April, it’s reported Disney will include DAS services in combination with MagicBands. Either way, be sure to visit Guest Relations before putting the DAS system to work if you or your family needs it.

One hand, two hands, no hands.. Whoever you are, I consider Walt Disney World a special place to be you. The park is one of our “safe places” for our family. Sure, there’s people looking. But we feel free to be us and take part in any and all activities available at the parks. It’s a great feeling and a big reason why we keep returning.


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