I never get pictures of us running together. Big thanks to Denise for capturing this moment.

I never get pictures of us running together. Big thanks to Denise for capturing this moment.

I picked up running a number of years ago as something that helps calm my very busy brain. In the last few years, Jordan has taken a liking to it and I’ve discovered it’s something I really love to do with her. Blame school schedules and travel, but we don’t get to run together often… So this past weekend was pretty awesome.

Jordan wrapped her second ever session with Girls on the Run. It’s a fabulous program that helps girls focus on confidence and coping mechanisms BEFORE they get into the thick of middle school. It also teaches healthy, active habits and the knowledge that finishing a race is always a great feeling.

I feel like I provided Jordan with a perfect storm of confidence this school year. Consider the combination of Girls on the Run, Jordan’s American Girl campaign, her superhero experience with KIDmob and Autodesk and Born Just Right’s ongoing opportunities to help Jordan mentor other kids. That’s an amazingcollection of Jordan learning how to control her destiny. And she’s only TEN!

Since the school year is wrapping up, I decided to find a super fun reason for Jordan and I to keep running together this summer. Since I have a Disney habit (and continue to answer questions on the Disney Parks Moms Panel website), I decided to sign Jordan and I up for a virtual run challenge through runDisney. Check out the Virtual Running Shorts Series: Three virtual 5Ks that benefits the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society between May 15th and June 30th. I’m excited to do something extra fun and active with Jordan – who is already super active. (The softball season is almost in full swing and she continues to rock out CrossFit!)

Even better? Jordan and I will get to earn even more medals!
Sharing a medal


My new favorite pictureThis year seems like a big turning point for Jordan… and maybe for me as well. When we kicked the year off together asking American Girl to consider limb difference options with its dolls, I watched Jordan come into her own. She has a voice that is full of hope and understanding in a world where it isn’t always easy to be different. Jordan is an advocate and I believe you, our Born Just Right community, helped her earn that ability very naturally.

Jen speaking at TEDxEarlier this week, I had a chance to speak at a TEDx event where I spoke about how Born Just Right changed my life. It changed how I raised my children. It changed how conduct myself in my career. When I needed community to help me raise a strong (in body and mind) child, it eventually helped me become an advocate for parents around the world. Now Jordan is finding her strength and voice to advocate for her peers. It’s remarkable to watch. It’s so cool to see how everything evolved.

Ever since Jordan and I were able to launch her petition into a national audience… And again, when Project Unicorn caught a wave of viral interest, I’ve watched Jordan feed into the experience a stronger person. Not braggy. Just stronger and more confident. (I reminded her that a viral moment is fleeting. Enjoy it. But how she conducts herself on a daily basis makes a bigger impact in the world.)
Jordan Eyes

I’ve said it time and again, there are no guide books on how to raise a child who grows up on the internet. I hope to guide Jordan toward using her strength and energy for good.  The tween world is sweet and strong. I hope we can carry it forward to the next stages in life. But we’re moving into a stage where it’s up to Jordan. I’m just the guide. She’s growing into her own person. Living in this moment, I’m a very, very proud mom.
Jordan and Mom(Thanks to Amy Enderle for these beautiful photos of Jordan.)


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I had mentioned how we continue to work with journalists to tell the story about our American Girl petition. Today, we were able to purchase a copy (or five) of The Kansas City Star. Jordan is on the front page with a picture of her running during a Girls on the Run practice earlier this week. […]

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