Every time I tell Jordan about a new baby born with a limb difference, she cheers. That’s because she isn’t sad about living with one hand. It’s a blessing.

tweaking project unicornHow many kids with two hands can say they have a bunch of extra hands? Two-handed kids don’t have a chance to go to Camp No Limits unless they have a sibling with a limb difference. Two-handed kids didn’t get to learn 3D design and build a custom superhero cyborg prosthetic the shoots glitter on a pier in San Francisco.

No, really. Jordan was given another amazing one-handed opportunity.

With the help of 3D design software company, Autodesk and an education organization called KIDmob, Jordan and I had a chance to travel to San Francisco to take part in Superhero Cyborg 2.0. It was an event I blogged about back in December, but I totally didn’t envision Jordan joining in on the experience.

prototypesThe goal of the event: To give kids with upper limb differences a chance to use their arm to his or her advantage and create something awesome. The parents dropped the kids off each morning to work with a team of designers, artists and even a prosthetist. The kids were taught to brainstorm, draw out a vision and execute that vision using 3D printing software.

Jordan started with different drawings, thinking about what kind of superhero she likes the most, came up with some different ideas and ended up with a starburst-looking device with five glitter shooters. Here’s how she explains how it works. (She was explaining it to an Autodesk employee, and I shot video at the same time.)

Cool, right? What made this even more special was the chance for Jordan to hang out with some of the limb different kids we’ve known through the years and spend some really good time together. The kids worked hard, learned how to use 3D design tools like TinkerCAD and Fusion. And even better? Jordan was assigned to a desiger to keep working on her vision, refine it and rebuild it who knows how many more times so she can present it again in May. It’s an opportunity that gets to continue creating more opportunities. We can’t wait to continue sharing the latest developments.


Jordan interview crossfitGetting the world to think little differently about limb differences is often challenging. Reading the comments on the Change.org page renews my faith in the world. Reading comments on CBS News’ Facebook page is disappointing and more reason why I think our petition to American Girl is so important: Kids who grow up aware that physical differences exist will grow into adults who understand every person is worth celebrating. Adults who currently comment rudely on a CBS News story about a 10-year-old hoping to change the way mainstream dolls are sold did not grow up with that type of awareness.

To me, it’s a big reason to push forward. I can’t tell you how many parents reached out to me expressing how excited they are that American Girl did not say “no” to building limb different doll options. That’s what we’ve heard for years. Now, it’s a concept the company’s design team can take under consideration. And if we keep getting louder about this, the more they’ll understand the importance.

With that in mind, Jordan had a chance to speak to two more newsrooms, KSHB-TV in Kansas City and KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO. We had to do the interview for Kansas City by phone, but I think the story was done really well. Check it out:

The local newsroom dropped by while Jordan attended a CrossFit class last night. I think Jordan is doing such a good job verbalizing how she feels about limb differences and dolls. The only coaching I’ve given her is to feel comfortable talking like she’s just talking to a friend.

Thanks again to everyone heping spread the word about this petition. It’s only just started and we are almost 15,000 strong!!


American Girl Reacts to our Petition

January 7, 2016

Last night, Jordan and I had an opportunity to speak to Contessa Brewer on CBS News’ live streaming news site, CBSN. We were excited to continue spreading the word about our petition to encourage American Girl Brand to consider adding a limb difference option. The petition is a week old today. As I write this post, it […]

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A Quick Petition Update

January 6, 2016

I’m not sure how you guys are doing it, but in the last few hours, our petition signatures started growing like crazy. Thank you so much for sharing and keeping the word out for our efforts. Jordan and I really appreciate it… and so do so many other kids (and their families) in the world […]

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Comments Inside our American Girl Petition

January 6, 2016

Almost 5,000 signatures? Seriously? Our campaign is growing rapidly. I’m so proud to see so many people supporting the idea of offering a limb difference doll option at American Girl. We have yet to catch American Girl or Mattel’s attention. As I wrote at the start of this campaign, it’s going to take more than the […]

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Celebrating 10 Years with Family and Friends

January 5, 2016

Jordan is a whole decade old! That’s pretty exciting. We didn’t hold an official birthday party because Jordan has a big fundraiser she’s hoping to plan at a local art store. But we did celebrate with friends and family. The upside of having a birthday after Christmas is her triplet cousins were able to be […]

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American Girl: Check Out Our Dolls

January 4, 2016

We just hit 2,000 signatures in our petition to American Girl! We have to keep going for the company to hear our request to include a limb difference option with its Truly Me dolls. Jordan and I are really excited to share how Yahoo Health reported about our petition. How cool is that? To keep the […]

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Using an Adaptive Jump Rope

January 4, 2016

Jordan and I follow a lot of adaptive athletes on Instagram. For months before she even set foot in a CrossFit Kids class, we watched awesome adaptive athletes. Some of them include Krystal Cantu, Jared Bullock and Michael Smith. They inspire Jordan to learn how to get stronger. If you want to be inspired, check […]

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Answering Questions on the Disney Parks Moms Panel

January 3, 2016

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The Power of our Networks

January 2, 2016

Our personal networks are powerful. If we rally all of them together, we can make an impact. That’s what is very possible as we work to catch American Girl’s attention with our Change.org petition. We’re so close to 1,000 signatures! Since launching the campaign, I’ve had some wonderful people reach out to me with some […]

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A Doll Like Me

January 1, 2016

For years, we’ve talked about dolls on this website. Dolls are something Jordan has always loved and she continues to enjoy. (Along with a serious love for Beanie Boo stuffed animals.) One doll that means a lot to Jordan is her custom-made limb difference doll, “Little Boo.” Her sweet doll was made by a woman who knows […]

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2015 Was Amazing

December 31, 2015

Each year, I sit down and write out a holiday website for our family. I usually mention some of the highlights from our year. For Jordan, I couldn’t even touch every amazing experience because the story would have been too long! From moving to a new home and school to meeting and experiencing amazing things […]

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A Chance to Build a Cyborg Tool

December 30, 2015

There are some really cool opportunities available for kids with limb differences… Including an opportunity to build helpful cyborg tools! Next month, there’s a chance to do just that in San Francisco! If you haven’t heard of Cyborg events before, our friend, 13-year-old David, who has an absent radial bone and thumb on his left hand wrote […]

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Ten Years in a Born Just Right World

December 29, 2015

Ten. That seems like a really big number. Ten Today, Jordan turns ten years old. I can’t believe it. I’ve learned so much as Jordan’s mom and I’m so honored she brought me into a parenting world that has pushed me beyond expectations. I’ve learned to be an advocate, a mentor and a founder of […]

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Happy Holiday from the Reeves

December 24, 2015

It’s Christmas Eve and we’re enjoying the holiday as a family of four and will expand the celebration over the weekend. It’s pretty cool to be able to celebrate in our new home! As in years past, we have created an online holiday card so everyone can save a postage stamp. Feel free to dig […]

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