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by Jen Lee Reeves on November 24, 2014

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The holidays are such an awesome time of the year for us. It gives our family a chance to celebrate together, eat awesome food, travel and do good. The do good part is mainly because Jordan’s birthday is right after Christmas and each year, we’ve focused on giving and raising money for Camp No Limits. She’s hoping to send at least nine kids to camp in honor of turning nine.

But we aren’t blind to other needs and opportunities. That’s why I feel very lucky to have partnered with Macy’s Heart of Haiti program to let you know of a cool way to decorate your home and help Haitian artists. Every item purchased through the program provides sustainable income for a Haitian artisan and their extended family. The items are on sale at select Macy’s stores and on Macy’s website.

It doesn’t seem like it was ten years ago, but this upcoming January 12th is the fifth anniversary since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. We watched the recovery process very closely because so many of the quake survivors lost limbs and had to rebuild a new life with the help of prosthetics. Jordan and I collected prosthetics to donate and helped raise money. You can sometimes feel helpless. Programs like Heart of Haiti and Healing Hands for Haiti make an impact.

I was lucky to get the chance to experience one of the Heart of Haiti art pieces by decorating with a Tobacco Leaf Tray. I skipped the Thanksgiving decorations at my home since we aren’t hosting this year. I think the tray looks pretty awesome with extra sparkles and ribbon. The tray is made of  raw materials using a traditional papier mache technique by artists in Jacmel, Haiti. Here’s a little video about how the papier mache products are made.

I think it’s so empowering to see a way to help artists in Haiti have economically sustainable opportunities. Macy’s Heart of Haiti is just another way to give back during this season of giving. If you’re curious to learn more about the program, you can visit it on Twitter at @heartofHaiti or check out its Facebook page.

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Glow runs are better with glowy necklaces.

Jordan spent this fall practicing with our local youth cross country program. She only competed in one meet because we were so busy with fun stuff like football games and family travel. But during those practices, Jordan gained some serious stamina. Girlfriend can run.

Just last week, she rain a 5K with me with very little preparation. She walked very little of the race and ended up finishing the 3.1 mile run in 36 minutes. That’s a dramatic six minutes faster than any of the 5Ks we ran together in the last year. I am SO proud of her!

Since I love to encourage a healthy lifestyle with both kids, we’ve tried to find races that are fun and encourage both kids to run. Cameron hasn’t had a lot of interest in joining in on the races lately. (I guess that’s what happens when you’re getting closer to 13.) So these days, Jordan and I are picking the events. Our next race is on Thanksgiving. It’s a run that will help raise money for a local food bank. But why not also encourage you and your friends to donate to Camp No Limits at the same time?

Last year, each time Jordan or I signed up for a race, we encouraged the Born Just Right community to donate to camp. Each time, we raised enough money to send another child to camp. Right now, we’re at $3,195. That means, Jordan and I are hoping you can help us raise $305 by November 27th. Can we do it? I hope so.

To donate, just visit our Firstgiving website!

Thanks for your support!


Friendship trumps logic

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I have to ask this because after spending most of this month encouraging other bloggers to share details about how Limb Differences Aren’t Scary… Jordan has decided to be really scary this year for Halloween. For years, she’s chosen to be butterflies, fairies and princesses for Halloween. But this year, she’s finally decided to have […]

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Our “limb differences aren’t scary” campaign

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Trying to separate bragging from pride

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Thumbnail image for Trying to separate bragging from pride

“I’m famous,” Jordan bragged to a stranger earlier this week.

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen her brag about Born Just Right. I offered context to the stranger about how we have a website that helps tell stories about differences and how they can be awesome. But it all made me sad.

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I shared my heart and you are making a difference

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It takes $500 to send one child to Camp No Limits. It’s one of the most supportive and special camps I know that supports the full family in the world of limb differences. It’s become the focus of our love and fundraising for many years. It’s a place where Jordan feels loved, trusted and she’s […]

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