Every since Jordan was a baby, we’ve used books as a way to help kids better understand how we can all have differences and they aren’t scary. From Harry and Willy and Carrothead to Oliver’s High Five, we’ve loved how books open up conversations for us.

This school year was different for us. Since we moved a whopping one mile, Jordan was put into a different elementary school. And that meant we kind of had to start over with creating an accepting and understanding environment. So we decided to dig into a new group of books and donate them to our school library. Here’s a look at what we shared.

Stand Straight Ella Kate
Stand Straight, Ella Kate
Jordan and I love love love this book. Jordan thinks it’s so good, she donated her personal copy to the school library. This book is about Ella Kate Ewing who grew up to be incredibly tall. She tells her story of how she had remarkable experiences due to her differences.

Giraffes Can Not Dance

Giraffes Can’t Dance
I learned about this book from our friends, Nicole Kelly, during a weekend event celebrating the Americans with Disabilities Act. This hardback book tells a sweet story about how a giraffe was harassed for not being able to dance. It shows how the giraffe moves past the criticism and learns to be a dancer in his own way.

Jacobs Eye Patch

Jacob’s Eye Patch
This sweet book tells the story of how Jacob must wear an eye patch and he’s constantly asked why. It looks at how we might feel when there are a lot of questions about your differences and how sometimes you don’t want to talk about it.

Little Miss Jessica Goes to School

Little Miss Jessica Goes to School
I’m not a big fan of those Beanie Boo dolls and Little Miss Jessica has eyes just like those dolls… but Jordan absolutely loved this story about a little girl who has one hand and her rough start on her first day of school. She learns you don’t have to run away from the ways kids react from a limb difference.

Different is Awesome book

Different is Awesome
I’ve already written a lot about how our friend Ryan wrote a super sweet book about how a limb difference is awesome… just like so many other things that make us different and awesome. I was excited to give the library a signed copy of the book along with a bookmark and sticker from his Kickstarter campaign.

Along with giving the library the book collection, Jordan and I wrote her yearly picture book to introduce her to her fellow students. Not only is there a copy in each fourth grade classroom, there’s a copy in the library and the afterschool program has a copy as well. Take a look:

(If you can’t see it on this page, go to this link to check it out.)


This is seriously the view from our new dock. It's amazing.

This is seriously the view from our new dock. It’s amazing.

This summer was a big deal. And poor Born Just Right’s website fell behind on months and months of stories because of it. It all started in May when I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms conference at Walt Disney World. I saw and learned so many amazing things at the park and I’m not done telling that story. I promise to sprinkle experiences onto this site from time to time because it was that great. But during that adventure, we bought a new house… And we’ve been working to sell our other one ever since.

But that was just the beginning. Jordan had the incredible opportunity to attend the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team Kids Camp and then our family traveled to North Carolina and Maine. Jordan and I spent a week and a half in Chicago and Southern Illinois building a new round of helper arms and attending Nubability Athletics camp. (Where Jordan had a chance to help mentor younger players. I’m so proud.) It’s all super busy, right?
mentoring sportsWell, I also have a full time job and needed to travel to Washington DC for a while… All while trying to get moved into our new place on a lake. It’s pretty incredible. And overwhelming.

All of these things have played a role into why we haven’t posted enough about Jordan’s ongoing drive to improve her sports skills, her transition into a whole new elementary school and her excitement about finally joining Girl Scouts.

But please, bear with me. We have a lot to share and do. And I’m not going away. I’m just rebuilding my energy and time to start writing again. The kids are back in school, the weekly activity schedule is building and I’m able to get into a more organized and set schedule for you.

We miss sharing all of our stories. But while we’re away, we’re still sharing little peeks and moments on our Facebook page and even with the #bornjustright hashtag on Instagram.


Get a chance to meet people developing the future

July 27, 2015

I’ve written about the fantastic ideas and developments coming from the open source group, eNABLE. It’s an international group of makers developing prosthetics using 3D printers and other ingenious methods to make prosthetics more affordable and accessible. It’s redefining prosthetics and the expectations of what is possible for people in the limb difference world. So […]

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A whole new arm experience

July 16, 2015

Jordan has focused a lot of her prosthetic use on specific tasks – mainly activities like biking and kayaking. Her new joy with her new activity arm is using a scooter all over the place. But the biggest reason we use prosthetics is to help her body do more bi-manual motions – gross and fine motor. […]

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The gift of building new arms

July 15, 2015

Jordan and I are in the middle of our seventh round of prosthetic building. It’s nowhere close to as emotionally exhausting as it used to be. We don’t work with a company that is close to home because no one near us has the intense knowledge of upper limb technology as our prosthetist, Dave Rotter. […]

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Different is Awesome Giveaway

July 7, 2015

Books and photos are two of my favorite ways to help kids better understand a physical difference. Each year, Jordan and I put together a short photo book that tell her story and help her classmates better understand how she lives with one hand. I think that’s why I’m extra excited for my friend, Ryan […]

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The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team Kids Camp Experience

June 18, 2015

When Jordan was invited to the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST) Kids Camp, I was sad it took place the same weekend as Camp No Limits Missouri… I actually stopped and talked to Jordan about deciding between the two. We both knew WWAST camp was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And oh boy, it really was. […]

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Spending time with the Wounded Warriors

May 28, 2015

Jordan is less than two weeks away from an amazing opportunity. She gets the chance to work on her softball skills and get to know the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team. It’s incredible. We are flying to California to spend a week with the team and 19 other kids and their parents. Jordan will have […]

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That time I bought a house while I was at Walt Disney World

May 20, 2015

Right before I left to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (DisneySMMC), Randy and I stumbled into the best house in the whole world. He’s wanted to move out of our current house for a long time. I’ve been standing ground. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want to deal with the drama. […]

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Learning from Disney Parks

May 8, 2015

I’m attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration at Walt Disney World. Today is a day full of learning from some of the park’s finest creative minds and other smart people as the hand picked group of attendees also learn from each other. It’s a really awesome opportunity that I’ve followed online for a number of […]

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A hard-headed update

May 5, 2015

My mom visited this past week and it was SO great to have her in town. It’s also so interesting to have her around to watch our household dynamics from an “outsider” perspective but since she isn’t really an outsider, she’s able to actually tell me what she sees. You know, she noticed Jordan is […]

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GIVEAWAY: Mother’s Day cards from #lovehallmark

May 4, 2015

Disclosure: Hallmark Cards sent me a set of Mother’s Day cards to review for this post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed from here on are my own. I’m headed into a crazy month of travel where I’m missing time with the family for Mother’s Day and my birthday. So it was really great to have […]

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Making things official with Camp No Limits

May 1, 2015

Earlier this month, I celebrated the announcement of a really special fundraiser for Camp No Limits. You know, the summer camp that means so much to our entire family. The Clearwater Marine Aquarium offered to match $20,000 if the Camp No Limits board raises $20,000. I’m even more excited about this fundraiser because I’m honored […]

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New Year’s Eve at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

April 30, 2015

I’m one week away from attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (#DisneySMMC) at Walt Disney World. Leading up to the event, I’m sharing details about Walt Disney World adventures I haven’t shared yet on Born Just Right. I’ve shared Jordan’s 9th birthday at Magic Kingdom Park, our Wild Africa Trek experience, tips for doing Disney with one hand and fun […]

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Looking for ways to help Nepal

April 29, 2015

If we learned anything after the terrible earthquake in Haiti five years ago, it was that a tragedy like this causes so many amputations. I know this is true as well in Nepal after a 7.9 quake killed thousands – so many that the death toll may be unknown for a long time. But we […]

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