I have serious things to write about the school year, about the maker work and inclusive design. But a combination of travel, kid activities, my job and my work on the Disney Parks Moms Panel has prevented me from taking some serious time to sit down and write serious stuff.

So why not another amazing story about the time Jordan and I got to visit Walt Disney World Resort this past May? It was a chance for the two of us to spend time in one of our favorite places, stay in one of my favorite resorts (Disney’s Beach Club Resort) and watch Jordan win a very special Dream Big, Princess Innovation Award.

Rey at Star Wars Launch BayThe trip was also a reason for Jordan to try on her very special Star Wars Rey costume for the first time. Her Uncle Jon gave it to her for her birthday and we were so excited to show it off at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Jordan wears Rey well and she feeds on the strength the character has in the movie.

We had one major goal after Jordan had a chance to say hi to Mickey and meet some of the folks attending the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: Meet Chewbacca. We hopped on board a water taxi, entered the park and walked straight to Star Wars Launch Bay. The line wasn’t too long to meet Chewie and wow, he was so happy to see his friend Rey.

Jordan and Chewbacca

Chewie and Jordan

Maybe it’s because I was so excited to watch this meeting. Maybe it’s because Chewie was so so sweet. But seeing Jordan’s pure happiness with the furry guy made me tear up a little. My little Rey was suddenly in the thick of the Star Wars experience and talking to Chewbacca about going out to fly the ship. Jordan told me she knew exactly what he was trying to tell her: Wanna fly? It was so sweet and just another reason why we love Disney experiences. Everyone deserves a solid hug from Chewbacca at least once in his or her life.

Chewie hugs

By the way, these photos were taken by Disney’s PhotoPass Photographers. They did such an awesome job. None of my photos compared to the joy they captured.



We have always dreamed of a moment like this. And then I turned it into an epic selfie!

For years, our visits to Animal Kingdom Theme Park at Walt Disney World Resort must include two things: Riding Expedition Everest and seeing a showing of Finding Nemo The Musical.

Finding Nemo became a big part of our lives ever since Jordan was born. Back when she was a newborn and Cameron was in the pre-school four-year-old room, we used Nemo and his lucky fin as a way to explain Jordan’s limb difference. Thanks to the Lucky Fin Project, it’s become a term used around the world for a child or adult with a limb difference. So, visiting a show based on our favorite clownfish is always a must.

At the end of the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration where Jordan won a special Dream Big, Princess Innovation award, we had a half day to spend in Animal Kingdom. So, of course, we used one of our FastPass+ reservations to see the Finding Nemo The Musical show. Jordan was wearing her new Nemo-inspired dress in honor of the show. I wore a matching orange dress because I’m silly. Each time we’ve visited the Nemo show, I’ve asked one question before going inside. This time, it led to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

nemo cast smilesBefore we went inside the theater, I walked up to the manager of the show near the entrance and introduced myself and Jordan. I mentioned how Jordan was born with a lucky fin just like Nemo. I asked if there was any chance Jordan could meet the cast after the show. We’ve been told no in the past, but it was during a much busier season in the parks. This time, Jordan sat in a VIP seat to watch the show. Nemo ran by and said hi to her at the end of the show. Afterward, a Disney Cast Member led us back to the theater manager who took us backstage. That’s when we didn’t just meet the main characters of the show; we met the WHOLE cast! They were amazing.

nemo hugs

amazedpostnemoJordan walked into the crowd of Nemo cast members, and they asked her amazing questions. They admired her dress. I took pictures, and Cast Members took pictures for me. And I told the group how Jordan had just won a special award, and she got to talk about all the cool design work she’s doing. Everyone was full of smiles. As we left, Jordan got to hug Nemo and Dory (who was amazing) and even the actor who plays Marlin needed to hug Jordan. It was so so special. As we left, the theater manager even gave us a special extra Fastpass to enjoy an extra ride.

Jordan and I were GLOWING after that experience. She couldn’t stop spinning and dancing as we walked back to Expedition Everest to experience a different awesome. I have tried but never expected to meet the Nemo cast. Attending the show is always so special. I tear up each and every time at the end. I say that even though I’ve seen it at least five or six times. We are so thankful to the many Cast Members who made our special time at Disney World more amazing than we could have ever imagined.


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