Jordan is so content at Camp No Limits. She loved showing off her helper arms.

It takes $500 to send one child to Camp No Limits. It’s one of the most supportive and special camps I know that supports the full family in the world of limb differences. It’s become the focus of our love and fundraising for many years. It’s a place where Jordan feels loved, trusted and she’s learning to mentor other kids. She’s at peace there.

A week and a half ago, I wrote from the heart about how I feel about staring and it’s opened an incredible number of conversations with people I know and don’t know. The input has been stunningly supportive. So many of us understand the struggle that comes from being different or having a loved one with a difference. So many of us understand that we all need to open up conversations to talk about staring, talk about how we are all different, and talk about how we can all be more caring.

It’s a bit overwhelming to me.

While I was out of town on work travel for the last eight days, my post on staring was republished in my town’s news website. I don’t even know if it was printed in the paper version. But I know I’ve had another round of kindness come my way. In the last 12 hours, that kindness has gone beyond words and it’s made a difference for Camp No Limits. In the last 12 hours, THREE kids will now be able to attend camp thanks to two very large donations. THREE KIDS. I’m so honored. And of course, this is just the beginning of our fundraising efforts for 2015. It’s very exciting.

I shared my heart and I feel like I can also say it’s helping make a difference. And that’s because of you. You are sharing these posts. You are donating to camp. You are talking to your kids and telling them that we can all change for the better.

Thank you.


Jordan got to see how an e-NABLE hand works during Camp No Limits

There’s a one-of-a-kind event happening later this month and it kind of kills me that I am going to miss it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go! e-NABLE is holding a one-day conference bringing 3D printing experts together with prosthetic experts… and maybe even you! The volunteer-based organization is making waves all across the country by creating inexpensive and creative hands and arms for limb different kids and adults.

For the first time (the group is a little more than a year old), e-NABLE is holding a one-day conference at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. The goal is to bring 3D printers together with prosthetists. How cool is that? The engineering of building custom-made 3D printed products is happening, but there may be even more knowledge that can be added into the designs from years of work from traditional prosthetics. I can’t wait to see what comes of it.

Families of children with limb differences and adults with limb differences are welcome to attend the event for free. Veterans are also free. Tickets for students and medical students are $15. The cost to attend goes up to $50 for medical professionals and the general public. That’s a pretty great deal. I know of limb difference families and adults planning to attend… But we have family in town that weekend so Born Just Right won’t be able to attend. You can click here to snag tickets.

There are a few designs for below elbow prosthetics, many for hand differences and 3D printer arms designed for above elbow amputees are getting better designs. I can’t wait to see what will come from this meeting. So many people committed to using this awesome technology for good. I can’t only imagine what will happen after this event. You can find all of the details about Prosthetists Meet Printers online!


Redefining staring and rude staring

September 17, 2014

Last week we launched an awesome conversation about putting an end to staring. The one thing that came up many different time is the varying comfort people have to ask questions about a difference and the varying comfort people feel when they are asked questions. I think we might need to first redefine staring. There [...]

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Using a t-shirt to stop the staring

September 16, 2014

Last week’s dance class was rough. There were two hip hop classmates who wouldn’t stop staring at Jordan and she didn’t feel up to confronting the kids. I got a bit saucy about staring on this blog… And it opened up some great conversations. But while us grown ups work on refining how we raise [...]

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From Jordan: A Kidz Bop Night

September 15, 2014

Today I got to go to a Kidz Bop concert. We got to sing and dance and I even got to go up on stage beside Ashlynn. She was the one who invited me up on the stage. That was kind of her. She is my favorite Kidz Bop kid! On the stage, I danced [...]

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More support for families of limb different kids

September 15, 2014

For the last almost nine years since Jordan was born, I’ve craved community. I founded Born Just Right to help connect with families and help share the lessons we’ve learned about growing up with limb differences with others. But I know I can only offer some perspective and support. That’s why I am thrilled to [...]

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Dolphin Tale 2 inspires us to help Camp No Limits

September 12, 2014

Today is the day we have waited a long time to happen… The release of Dolphin Tale 2! Jordan and I were incredibly lucky to have a chance to attend an early screening of the movie. Jordan brought along her special Winter Dolphin stuffed animal and watched the whole movie intently. It was SO cool to [...]

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Let’s celebrate unicorns

September 11, 2014

Yesterday’s post asking everyone to not stare, just ask spread far and wide. I’m honored so many people joined in on the conversation surrounding the topic. That post inspired an awesome discussion on Facebook based on a question a Born Just Right commenter had: If you’re encouraging someone to not stare and ask questions, how [...]

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Can we teach our kids to stop staring?

September 10, 2014

Seriously. Can we raise children who choose to ask questions and speak directly to people who look or act differently? Can we have open conversations with our children to discuss why it can be so painful to whisper and point at people who are different or act differently? I’m so tired of it. Jordan’s tired [...]

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A cross country learning experience

September 9, 2014

I try to be in town for the most important things in my kids’ lives. But since I took a new job almost two years ago, I have missed a couple band concerts and a few school events. But most of the time, Randy is in town to help capture the moments so I don’t [...]

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Why I don’t share many limb difference photos other than Jordan

September 4, 2014

Photography is my one of my favorite past times. After years of working in the broadcast television industry, I picked up a solid eye for images. I love taking pictures of the family, nature, our dog, sports… You name it. But the one thing I’m trying to be more careful about is sharing photos of [...]

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The end of a season

September 3, 2014

As school continues in full swing and many kids in other parts of the country kick off a new school year, we are saying goodbye to our awesome pool. It’s a community that is full of regular people who like to hang out by a pool. There are no airs. There’s just fun and conversation. [...]

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Why I hide my arm – An adult perspective

August 29, 2014

I’d like to introduce you to Christine. I’m lucky to have met Christine during this summer’s Nubability Athletics camp. (I snagged her for a selfie – she’s notorious about avoiding photography.) She attended the summer camp as an adult mentor. Before meeting her in person, she has offered fantastic insight on the Born Just Right [...]

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Even Jordan gets nervous in new situations

August 28, 2014

I had mentioned earlier this week that Jordan was jumping into cross country. She jumped into all kinds of running events in the last year and wants to join in on kid triathlons next year. I’m really excited for her because she’s turning into a great runner and cross country is a fun way to [...]

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How to respond to difficult questions

August 27, 2014

A physical difference is noticeable… and many cultures around the world struggle with accepting differences. Even if we live in a culture that doesn’t make it easy to live with a physical difference, I focus on helping Jordan grow up with confidence and the knowledge that she can try it all with one hand. A [...]

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