When Jordan was invited to the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST) Kids Camp, I was sad it took place the same weekend as Camp No Limits Missouri… I actually stopped and talked to Jordan about deciding between the two. We both knew WWAST camp was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. And oh boy, it really was.

Now that we’re settling into vacation with family, we’re able to look back on last week and realize all the amazing things that happened. The invite-only camp includes kids ages 8-12 who are able to throw, catch and run. The camp gives the kids a chance to work out with members of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team… it’s a collection of men (and maybe soon there will be a woman on the team) who all lost at least a limb and are/were members of the military.

We don’t have daily opportunities to interact with members of the military – so this trip was a gift to us. We got to know some really amazing people who have taken very difficult situations and made incredible positives out of it.

wounded-warrior-amputee-softball-kids-campThe first full day of camp, I had to go to the practice fields early to set up for a work project. Jordan got to travel with the campers and players in the camp bus. Of course, she found a player to befriend. Somehow she convinced Nick Carter to wear her headband during practice for the day. It was obvious, Jordan decided Nick was her team member bestie from the very start. At the end of the week, Jordan introduced Nick to a friend as “my Wounded Warrior.” She came to that conclusion because Nick was so patient and kind with her. All of the players were with the 20 camp kids. They didn’t baby the kids. Each camper gained real skills out on the field. But the players also went out of their way to have a lot of fun with the kids… Like that time they all were dancing and doing goofy videos at Disneyland.

Not only were the players awesome, the camp kids were super people as well. All of the kids had a connection. Everyone got along. Even when they were split into teams, they had fun chanting the team names “THUNDER” and “LIGHTNING” at each other. No one got upset with each other. It was a peaceful and happy time. And the silliness… oh, the silliness. A lot of the silliness happened in the bus.

Maybe it was because the entire event was so incredibly well planned and executed. We all traveled in two buses. There was a volunteer “guide” who made sure we all got on board and was a go-to person to help us if we had any problems. Beyond the softball practice each day, we got to explore Southern California – from Disneyland to watching dolphins leap in the Pacific Ocean – it was so much fun.
wwast-team-cheer-kids-campWWAST Kids Camp was a gift. I know the players say they get more out of it than the kids… But as the mom of a camper, it was a tremendous experience. We are one of the lucky ones… Jordan meets limb different kids all of the time. We have attended camps and meet ups since she was a baby. So I know what a special experience this camp gave us. The small size, the time to talk with the parents, the personal time with the players, the fun adventures and an incredible public event for the kids and players… All of it combined to make a magical and one-of-a-kind experience. This adventure was a special one. I look forward to staying in touch with so many of the kids and players for years to come.


jordan-softball-bornjustrightJordan is less than two weeks away from an amazing opportunity. She gets the chance to work on her softball skills and get to know the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team. It’s incredible. We are flying to California to spend a week with the team and 19 other kids and their parents. Jordan will have a chance to take part in some really awesome experiences along with working out with the players.

Jordan is really enjoying her machine pitch softball season. She wraps up with the Lightning next week before she leaves for California. She had FOUR hits in her last game and played first base. She played the position well and even forced a player out during the game. Just think about how she’s going to improve after camp!

To make our opportunity with the Wounded Warriors even more exciting, we’d love to see you the evening of June 12th. The Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team and campers are holding a public event where the kids campers are playing a game for the public to enjoy. After the kid game, the Wounded Warriror team will play a full game against the Orange County All Stars at the Saddleback College Baseball Stadium in Mission Viejo. It would be absolutely amazing if we have a chance to see Born Just Right friends who live in Southern California. I’m including an image of the event poster below. Please leave a comment or message me on the Born Just Right Facebook page if you think you can attend! We’d love to fill up the stadium. See you in a couple of weeks!



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